Welcome to Forest Cascades

Profitable Coffee Farm (and much more) for Sale - $595,000


This lot ready to build.

Lot 9 is reserved as a spectacular place for a beautiful home, community retreat center.

Lots high on the north ridge

Lots located on the northern ridge, numbered 1, 2, 3, and 6 look out to the Pacific Ocean across the forested valley of the Caldera River that flows through the lower section of the farm.












Lot #2 is  1,358 m2, 0.38 acre

This future residence site is for someone who can appreciate a magnificent fig tree growing on that lot near by the municipal road. Top of the mountain ocean view. Easy access from the road. Ready to build with minimal bulldozing


Lot #3 is 1,975 m2, 0.49 acre

Located lower than lot 1 and 2 with same panoramic Pacific ocean view.


Lower north ridge lots

Lots 7 and 8 are located in a wide flat meadow, surrounded by forest, at a lower elevation, somewhat secluded from the rest of the community. These lots are adjacent to the agricultural area.

Lot#7 is 1,772 m2, 0.43 acre

Lot#8 is  2,103 m2, 0.52 acr

Central lots

At the center of Forest Cascades, larger lots numbered 4,11,12 and 13 offer gentle slopes currently in coffee production and fruit trees.


Lot#4 is 2,443 m2, 0.6 acre. Lot# 11 is 5,044m2, 1.25 acre.  Lot #12 is 5,404 m2, 1.3 acre.   Lot #13 is 6,881 m2, 1.7 acre.



High central lots

Two high lots, numbered 5 and 10, at the center of the property


Lot #5 is 1,745 m2, 0.42 acre

Lot #10 is 5,142 m2, 1.3 acre



Riverside Lot

Set on a hill at the end of the Coffee Road, lot 13 6,881 m2, 1.7 acre.




High in the Eucalyptus Forest Lots


The largest of the lots in Forest Cascades, Lot 20,  3.5 acres, lot 20 reaches from tall Eucalyptus  trees at the property‚Äôs eastern border down to the banks of the Caldera River.


Lots on the High Eastern Ridge

Lots 17, 18, and 19 look out over the entire valley that comprises most of Forest Cascades. Lot #17 is 5,232 m2, 1.28 acre. Lot #18 is 6,046 m2, 1.23 acre. Lot#19, 6,822m2, 1.67 acre



Lot #1 is 1,354 m2 , 0.33 acre

Easy north public road access, ready to build.  Easy access from north side municipal road. Top of the mountain ocean view.  Ready to build with minimal bulldozing.


Lots High on South Ridge

These lots, the only ones on the south side with their own public road access, include finished, level building sites and could be easily be sold separately.

Lot #14  5,155 m2  1.25 acre

Lot #15   5,372 m2  1.33 acre

Lot #16  3,045 m2  0,74 acre